Hey guys!

How are you? Really!

After our skill share session last Saturday, what's next, you ask? 🤔

It's actually up to you if you want to go back to your old self or yearn for more (as I've mentioned during the session). For me, I choose to yearn for more... more learning... more "helping others"... more "giving value"... and of course, more earning!

So, if you yearn for the same things, let's do this together! 🤜🤛

LJ has put raw audio files (actual client's raw audio files ... shhhh 🙊) that you can download and start practicing editing audios. 


How can you start editing?

You can catch the replay of our last week's skill share session inside the Facebook Group.

AND, as much as we want to create a series of training for this, this won't happen soon because you know #priorities. But, please let us know if you want this to happen so we can arrange a time for this!

But of course, we don't want to leave you hanging sooooo if you want to learn more, you can get an advanced audio editing course by one of the podcast editors we look up to. You won't regret it, I swear. We wish we knew it exists when we were starting out so we wouldn't have to waste our time Google-ing and YouTube-ing editing techniques.