Make yourself seen and heard.

This is exactly why I'm here. And, I can't wait to help you make this happen.

Couple of things you should know about me...

👑 I'm a problem-solver. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering and passed the licensure exam. I've endured 5 years (6 including my review for the board) solving all these math problems, circuits, communication lines, and stuff, aside from solving life problems, you know. And guess what? I'm still standing. 💪

👑 I strive for excellence in what I do.  I've worked in the corporate for more than 8 years as a software QA engineer, and that meant finding all the bugs, issues, and defects that I could find before releasing the software to the users. It didn't mean it needed to be perfect, but excellent. I, together with my team, made sure that the product is usable with all the major functionalities it needed to perform. Yes, there'll still be bugs that need to be solved. And, we just keep on testing and testing to make things right. 🕵️‍♀️

👑 I'm a forever learner. Yes, I'm in an ongoing pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. I don't want to settle with what I currently know because Queens don't settle, right? I love to learn new stuff and things that will help me to get to my ultimate goal. And, that is FREEDOM. Freedom to do anything I want at any time and any place. 📚

👑 I'm a badass introvert. I love to have my own quiet space and time so I can really focus on the things that matter and unleash my creativity. Being an introvert also means being in integrity and valuing connections with people. 👯‍♀️

A little backstory

When I was still in college, I used to do side gigs as an academic writer and that was how my curiosity with an online business started. Our family friend introduced me to the world of online freelancing that even when I was already working in a well-known company, I was still thinking about going online and building my own business. I found like-minded friends with entrepreneurial mindset and they influenced me a lot in building my path to success. I never used to like reading books unless they're for personal development, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

After more than 4 years in the corporate, I got burnt out and decided to pursue my virtual career. I attended a workshop to learn more about working online. I went back to writing for a year and within that year, I also enrolled in a web internship program where I started to learn and love designing and creating websites.

I went back to corporate because, you know, life happens. But, I wasn't happy at all. I knew in my heart and mind that I'm not going to be a cubicle person for the rest of my healthy years.

What made me took the leap again? I gave birth to a beautiful baby and I didn't want to be the kind of mom who 's always out for work and never gets to see her grow. So, I prepared myself with this transition. I worked double time. While having a full-time day job, I started onboarding part time clients, doing web and graphic design work, podcast and video editing, blog writing, and even creating an online course.

I worked for my clients at night when the baby is already asleep. I slept for only a few hours and went to the office. Imagine the hustle and the stress of being a first time mom and a full-time employee, while building an online business. But, it's all worth it. The learning, the experience, and all. And, I'm still standing.

I finally quit my job and a lot of opportunities opened up for me. I landed a full-time client as a podcast and video editor. I also had web design clients. I even experienced speaking in the Women Who WordPress event by the  Women Who Code Manila. I participated in the Accenture's DevelopHer hackathon. I joined different groups that really helped me a lot in my chosen field aside from the courses and mentoring that would really hone my skills and develop business strategies.'

I was even able to form a team and teach them the skills that I have when it comes to editing podcasts.

These experiences still give me chills. And now, I'm focused on serving my dear clients even better while having my quiet time in front of my laptop here in our dining room. Okay, quiet time because my now three-year old daughter is already sleeping and it's now 2 in the morning.

What's in it for you?

You're smart. You're a high-achiever. You've got it all together.

BUT, you're exhausted with your unending to-do lists that your life has been taken over by your business as if life is passing you by. You can't find a way out.

And if there is one word to describe your state of mind right now, probably that is “frustrated” … Frustrated of not getting things done right … Frustrated of not starting rapidly … Frustrated of not getting clients … Frustrated of not getting sales … Frustrated of not getting your website to convert visitors into paying customers and repeating paying customers… Frustrated of not getting your message out there... and the long list goes on!

Hey, just because YOU CAN DO ALL THE THINGS does not mean you should. I can help!

My extensive knowledge and experience, and hunger for more makes me the right person to help you show up for the world and grow your business. I treat your business as my own, hence, I put in strong dose of passion and commitment to them.

What can I do for you? I build high-converting websites and manage podcasts.